My work draws upon a strong commitment to folk and contemporary art.  The images I work with evolve from personal experiences, including observations of a broad range of landscapes and sacred settings that exist in various cultural traditions. Local ecological forms have become the genre for the subjective landscapes that are transformed into visual


Merryl Berner Cicourel received her B.A. from the University of California, Santa Barbara, 1969, and a Masters of Fine Arts from UC San Diego, 1984. She studied printmaking at the Graphics Workshop, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1992, and  at the College of Santa Fe, 1995.  She was a founding member of  Bay Park Press, San Diego, 2000, and of Gallery 8, a nonprofit organization promoting fine folk art, UC San Diego, l977.  She taught a Studio Art Class, San Diego from 1985 – 2007. 



narratives.  Certain types of imagery are a focus of attention; for example, geological forms as they exist in nature or have been manipulated  and fashioned by a human hand. 


The images are derived from realistic sketches, drawings, paintings or photos and reduced in the artistic process to their abstract essence while maintaining integrity of form, movement, and spontaneity.


The following paragraph focuses on the website category Wall Sculpture, presenting  the viewer with an introduction to my work process.


Many of the wall-mounted sculptures are fabricated from heavy gauge aluminum.  Individual modules  of these sculptures frequently serve a dual purpose as printing plates in the traditional printmaking process, as well as incorporating them into the aforementioned individual sculptures.  Each work became a melding of painting, drawing, printmaking techniques and sculpture.  The metal sculptures reflect their surroundings and change as their ambient lighting conditions are altered.

Pro Arts Open Studios, Firehouse Art Co.  Gilman Studios, Berkeley, Ca.  2015.

Pro Arts Open Studios, Firehouse Art Co.  Gilman Studios, Berkeley, Ca.   2014.

The Atrium, Two Person Exhibit, Mostly Metal, San Francisco, California,    2013.

Memory & Aging Center MC, UCSF, One Person, San Francisco, California,    2013.

Firehouse Art Collective, Group, Berkeley, California, 2012.

Jason Lee’s Design Studio, Two Person, Oakland, California, 2011.

4th St. Studio Gallery, Group, Berkeley, California, 2010.

4th St. Studio Gallery, Two Person, Berkeley California, 2008.

San Diego Central Library, One Person, Administration Wing, 2001–2005

   four intaglio prints in permanent collection.

Athenaeum Music and Art Library, Group, La Jolla, 2002.

Earl & Birdie Taylor Library, One Person, San Diego, 2000.

Earl & Birdie Taylor Library,  Group Drawing,  San Diego, 1999.

Michael Thompson Gallery, Group Prints, San Francisco, California, 1997.

St. John’s College, Art Gallery,Two Person, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1997.

Galeria Matisse, One Person, Barcelona, Spain; four works remain in

   collection, 1993.

Wade Gallery, Two Person, Los Angeles, California,1990.

Trumbull Art Gallery, One Person, Warren, Ohio, 1989.

Nancy Lurie Gallery, Group, Chicago, Illinois,l988.

La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art, First San Diego Exhibition of  Emerging Artists.1985.

Oakland Museum, California Ceramics  and Glass Exhibition,1974.

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